Azure Infrastructure

Harness the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft Azure cloud

Azure Infrastructure

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure with our extensive portfolio of services. As a trusted partner, we offer a comprehensive 360° approach to support you throughout your cloud journey. With a structured and risk-mitigated strategy, we facilitate the seamless migration of your infrastructure and applications to Azure, providing scalability, security, networking, and enhanced performance capabilities. Our collaborative approach ensures we work hand in hand with your team to develop a technology foundation based on hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud initiatives. By integrating best-in-class security and comprehensive cloud-managed services, we engineer platforms and modernize infrastructure through automation and software-defined capabilities. Trust our proven experience and end-to-end Azure cloud services to build a robust technology ecosystem that empowers your organization for success in the cloud era.


Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Embrace a visionary approach to drive your enterprise forward with a comprehensive Azure cloud strategy. Our expert team will conduct a thorough roadmap assessment, ensuring a holistic plan that aligns with your business objectives and maximizes the potential of Azure.

Cloud Transformation & Optimization

Align your migration initiative to optimize and transition existing infrastructure and business applications to the Azure cloud by leveraging our outcome-oriented accelerators and frameworks with reduced costs and simplified management.

SAP on Azure Services

Enable your SAP applications to move to Azure with an effective and rapid migration strategy with faster time-to-market, improved cost efficiency, and smooth interoperability. We help you optimize your investments, secure the application and provide managed services for your SAP on Azure transformation.

Cloud Networking & Edge Computing

Architect and unify an edge computing infrastructure on Azure, seamlessly aggregating data from diverse endpoints. Our solution encompasses Azure and other hyperscalers, facilitating global-scale network management and state-of-the-art system integration.

Hybrid Cloud

Experience complete flexibility and a consistent hybrid cloud environment by seamlessly leveraging the combined features of public and private clouds. Our team of experts will help you implement Azure ExpressRoute effortlessly, leveraging their deep networking expertise.

Database Services

Azure's PaaS Databases services and leverage their high availability architecture, scalable development model, and relational data capabilities. You require Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, or Azure Database for MySQL, assist you in seamlessly migrating your existing data to these robust Azure Database.

Cloud Security &

Consolidate and streamline your security management through automated monitoring, leveraging advanced threat protection and unparalleled security intelligence. Our solutions empower you to proactively detect and respond to rapidly evolving threats, ensuring early identification and mitigation.

Cloud Hosting, Migration, DevSecOps, and Operations

Azure DevOps services offer comprehensive, adaptable, and robust DevOps processes, tools, techniques to ensure proper management of your code and applications. You can accelerate development cycles, improve collaboration, enhance the resilience of your software delivery pipeline.

Ladera's Unique Advantages

We harness the transformative power of Microsoft Azure to unlock significant business value. Our comprehensive range of cloud services combined with our expertise in rapidly setting up core cloud capabilities and seamless integration on the renowned Azure platform enables us to deliver exceptional results. With our deep knowledge of ERP systems and Azure-ready SAP solutions, we skillfully manage SAP workloads on Azure, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Powered by AI, analytics, and automation, our platform-enabled solutions offer a new level of digital consistency, cost-effectiveness, and cloud maturity. We prioritize data security and offer differentiated solutions tailored to specific industry verticals. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we manage your cloud subscriptions through our specialized Ladera CSP model, providing you with dedicated support for both new and renewed subscriptions. Trust us to elevate your cloud journey to new heights with our comprehensive Azure capabilities and specialized services.