SAP Business Technology Platform

Empower your innovation with a flexible and choice-driven platform that can help you unlock your business potential

SAP Business Technology Platform gives you a complete overview of all your data sources, allowing you to focus on achieving main business milestones. As an essential part of an intelligent enterprise strategy, SAP BTP includes database management, application development and integration, analytics and cutting-edge technologies.

Ladera Technology: Building Advanced Business Applications in a Secure Cloud Environment

At Ladera Technology, we specialize in crafting advanced business applications within a highly secure cloud environment. Our approach is built upon three key pillars:

Expanding On-Premise Solutions

Ladera Technology empowers you to leverage the full potential of SAP on-premise solutions while harnessing the advantages of cloud computing. You can enjoy the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency without the need for a full-scale migration to the cloud. We bridge the gap, enabling you to explore new horizons while preserving your valuable investments.

Solution Architecture Integration

Our journey begins by meticulously preparing a solution architecture tailored to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. We understand the importance of compatibility and efficiency in modern business operations, and our experts ensure a harmonious coexistence between your current infrastructure and our cloud-based solutions.

Expert Audits for Readiness

Our seasoned experts conduct rigorous audits of our ready-to-use solutions. Your business deserves nothing less than the highest quality, and our specialists ensure that each solution meets industry standards and your specific requirements. With Ladera Technology, you gain the confidence that your technology stack is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Experience the Full Spectrum of SAP BTP Capabilities with Ladera

Our comprehensive SAP BTP services span Application Development and Automation, Extended Planning and Analysis, Data and Analytics, Integration, and Artificial Intelligence, providing a unified solution to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive data-powered decision-making while ensuring fairness, sustainability, and efficiency.

 Build apps faster with low-code and code-first solutions.

Automate your business with prebuilt workflows and RPA bots.

Design workspaces with drag-and-drop ease.

Jump-start development with industry-specific content.

Integrate your plans and SAP applications smoothly.

Drive agile decisions with planning and analysis combined.

Transform planning across the organization.

Plan with confidence based on trusted data.

Maximize the value of SAP data to make more impactful decisions.

Deliver trusted insights on a modern data stack.

Extend planning and analysis across the enterprise.

Run at your best with prebuilt SAP business content.

Transform and optimize your applications

Manage the end-to-end AI lifecycle

Run AI responsibly

Build powerful chatbots

Achieve seamless business processes

Accelerate outcomes with business expertise

Innovate at scale across IT landscapes

Modernize integration with simplicity

Unleash Business Potential with Ladera’s SAP BTP Center of Excellence (CoE): Fuel innovation and adaptability

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS

Fast time to Value

Comprehensive Planning

Low-Code Solution

Run on a Trusted Platform

AI Based SAP Solutions