Redington is a leading IT distributor in India with a strong track record of success. The company has a wide network of partners and resellers, which gives it the ability to reach a large number of businesses in India.

Our Customers will benefit from the partnership by having access to a wider range of SAP and Cloud-based services and solutions.

Enahnced Expertise

Collaborative Partership

Greater Exposure

Ladera Technology and Redington have partnered to provide end-to-end IT solutions to businesses in India. The partnership brings together Ladera’s expertise in cloud computing and Redington’s extensive reach and distribution network.

Ladera Technology and Redington have partnered to provide enhanced IT solutions to businesses globally. Redington’s strong distribution network and established presence in the Indian market will allow Ladera to reach a wider audience with its cloud computing expertise, specifically in SAP and cloud-based services and solutions.

Customers stand to gain from this partnership in several ways

Expanded Service Portfolio: With the combined strengths of Ladera Technology and Redington, customers can expect a broader selection of services and solutions. This could include a wider range of SAP and cloud-based offerings, potentially addressing a variety of business needs.

Expertise and Support

Ladera’s expertise in cloud computing can be leveraged to provide specialized guidance and support to customers looking to adopt or optimize cloud solutions. This can help businesses make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of cloud technologies.

Enhanced Reach

Ladera’s extensive partner and reseller network can help bring these IT solutions to a larger number of businesses across India. This broader reach can make it easier for businesses of various sizes and industries to access and benefit from the offerings.

End-to-End Solutions

The collaboration between Ladera and Redington may enable the delivery of more comprehensive and integrated IT solutions. This could include not only the technology itself but also services like implementation, customization, training, and ongoing support.

Local Presence

Ladera’s strong local presence and understanding of the Indian market can facilitate smoother interactions and transactions for businesses in the region.


The partnership may lead to the development of innovative solutions that leverage both cloud computing and distribution expertise, potentially solving unique challenges faced by Indian businesses.